Monthly Archives: July 2014

3Ds for success

I had a dream of playing tennis few years back. I had approached tennis master Mr. Jagadeeshan during my college days in Coimbatore. Before starting tennis coaching, he started giving a short speech.

He told me that 3Ds are important to be successful in whatever you do in life. Those 3Ds are
dedication, determination and discipline. I have stopped playing tennis after 2 years, but i am still remembering the 3Ds. I also try to follow these 3Ds as much as possible.

These 3D’s will be applicable irrespective of the profession. I feel people who are successful
in various professions may follow these 3Ds with or without their consciousness.


30 minutes for a good health

I have started hearing words like back pain, disk slip, eyes are burning and other health related issues in the recent days from the software industry friends. I am surprised when i hear these issues from young people whose ages around late 20’s and early 30’s.

I have started thinking that i should take care my health to avoid health issues. I have started spending 30 minutes everyday in physical activities such walking and jogging in the park. It’s gives good feeling when breathing the fresh air. I also realized that my mind and body get relaxed due to this exercises.

Looks like little things give more Happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂 in life than big achievements.

Does God have a form or not?

I have visited Sri Ramakrishna Math, Halasuru today around 6 pm. One of the swamiji in the Math has given speech regarding prayer methodologies. One can keep in mind that God has form and
visualize it and perform the prayer in the initial stage. It is possible to pray thinking that God does not have form, etc…

This interesting topic created questions in my mind….

– How to experience God in our own way?
– Prayer might be one of the way to experience God. Concentrating in work, Compassion, love , service also should help…. Should i need to try?

Prayer and bhajan started after swami’s speech. It is remained my Ramakrishna college hostel days.

Beyond the questions, i have come back home with peace of mind and happiness.