Diverting focus from obvious ones to subtle things

Success of few leaders depend on how they diverting focus of their followers and common people from obvious things to tiny things.

I was wondering how people forgetting and forgiving corrupted politicians and giving another chance during the election time. Politicians are trying to distract common people focus from politicians bad past by offering money, exciting manefesto, freebies, other favours, etc… Common people would not think that freebies are subtle things and loose focus. This is the winning mantra for the bad politicians.

Leaders, business men, celebrities are often make news to divert common people focus from their mistakes.

I used to hear Birbal stories in my childhood. One day Akbar drew a line on the floor and ask others that they must make this line shorter without touching the line. Birbal had come forward and drew a longer line next to Akbar’s line. Now everyone agreed that Akbar’s line is shorter.This story may or may not justify the topic. But, the truth is anybody can divert sombody’s focus on obvious ones by doing some fancy job/news. This technic may not work with intelligent people 🙂


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