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Handling success and failure

Wonderful speech from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam on Handling success and failure



Situational awareness


It happened to watch actor Mr. R. Madhavan’s speech video to students today.  He spoke situational awareness is one of mandatory to be successful or to live better than average life. He told everyone should aware whats happens in and around you. This quality would help us to prepare to grasp the opportunity. To follow good habits and teach good habits to young children would help to achieve situational awareness faster. Company or people would rate high if we present our skills better. Whatever job we do, we should do it with passion. If we do our job/profession without passion then we are doing secondary job.

Please watch the wonderful video in the link

Thanks Mr. R. Madhavan

Situational awareness helps the lizards in the below video to escape from the snakes… Height of situational awareness try to survive or die… Situational awareness is life or death sometimes….