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Skills parents should teach young kids

One of my friend says Be kind and polite to his young son very often. I was searching in the internet on what to teach to young kids which will help the kids to lead better life. I have come across an nice article written by Daniel Otero  in the site  I have seen many people struggling in life even though they were very good in academics.  Also, i have seen many people who were average in academics but succeed in life. So, getting good grades in academics would not sufficient to lead better life . In this article, Daniel nicely explained the eight skills parents should teach their younger kids.

  • You can’t always get what you want
  • Must learn to respect each other
  • Be kind to others and animals
  • Cope with emergencies
  • Not everyday you can be happy
  • Learn the reality of the world
  • Stranger doesn’t always equal danger
  • Common sense and knowing your surroundings

Every culture has its own unique way to teach these skills to kids. Learning these skills will help the kids to deal good and bad times.