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Windows Mobility Center

We can configure Display Brightness, Volume, Wireless connectivity through Windows Mobility Center utility in Windows 7 as shown below:-

Windows Mobility Center.png


Shared Folder Between Windows and Oracle VM Virtual Box

  1.  Create an folder on Windows. For example, C:\Shared
  2.  In Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager select Settings for the OS installed and choose the folder to be shared with OS running on VM. In our case, OS is Centos 7.2 and the shared folder is C:\Shared


3. login to Centos and create Shared folder. For example, /media/Shared

4. Execute the command mount -t vboxsf Shared /media/Shared/ 

Please note that, first 2 steps should be followed on windows. Next 2 steps should be followed on Centos (VM instance)

We should able to shared folders and files between Windows and Centos after following these 4 steps.